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Photographic Print Price List

The following prices are for unmounted professional-quality glossy prints. I will choose whether this will be Type "R" (direct from transparency) or Type "C" (from an internegative) in consultation with my printer, unless you specify one or the other. Cibachromes are available for a slightly higher price. If you are unsure of what this all means, don't worry about it, the prints will be gorgeous regardless.

Some photos may not be appropriate for really large (20 x 24 inch or larger) prints, in these cases I will advise you of this.

Prices for photographic prints:





Type R or C


8 x 10

20 x 25



11 x 14

27.5 x 35



16 x 20

40 x 50



20 x 24

50 x 60



Shipping & insurance:
Within US/Canada $10 for first print, $5 per additional print in same order.
Other countries: depending on cost.
I can arrange for museum-quality framing at additional cost for the framing and shipping, email me for details.
Pre-payment in US funds with money order or check drawn on US bank. Processing time generally 1-2 weeks, but depends very much on my travel schedule. I can let you know specifically if we communicate by email .

If you are unsatisfied with any print, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund less shipping costs.
These photographs are copyright© protected. Prices are for prints only, and DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PUBLICATION RIGHTS. Contact me for information on publication rights costs.

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