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Equipment Supply Information

The Gamow® Bag

  These can be purchased for US$2500 plus shipping, or rented from:

Chinook Medical Gear
120 Rock Point Drive, Unit C
Durango, CO 81301H

Phone: 970-375-1241
Fax: 970-375-6343
email: [email protected]
website: www.chinookmed.com

  Chinook also carries portable pulse oximeters, has an extensive collection of high-tech high altitude equipment, oxygen, and a variety of other wilderness-related medical supplies.

The PAC (Portable Altitude Chamber)

  The PAC can be purchased for US$1200, delivered almost anywhere in the world:
    Himalayan Medical Supplies
Dr James MacGregor Duff
PO Box 53 Repton
NSW 2454 Australia

Tel. (02) 6653 4241
Fax: (02) 6655 0266
email: [email protected]
web: www.treksafe.com.au
    In Kathmandu, sales are handled by:
    Sherpa Expeditions
Tel: +1-977-428807, 425917, or 410755
email: [email protected]
  There is a rental service in Kathmandu; deposit plus a flat rate of US$8 per day:
    White Magic
Tel: +977-1-253225
Fax: +977-1-249885
email: [email protected]
  There is a basic repair service available from White Magic in Kathmandu (see above). More difficult repairs, such as zip replacement, are available from the manufacturer CE Bartlett ([email protected] )

The PAC comes in two versions:

An English version (English instructionsprinted on the PAC and an English instruction manual)
A Nepali/English version (instructions printed on the PAC in both languages, an English instruction manual, and a Nepali one)
    Supplemental instruction manuals are available in French, German, and Japanese. These are provided free with the order, when requested.
  An instructional video (English only) and a copy of The Himalayan First Aid and Survival Manual are provided with each PAC.
  There is free annual training on the use of the PAC organized each September for past or prospective purchasers. Contact Sherpa Expeditions in Kathmandu (details above).
  There is a donation (A$50) made to a Nepali charity donation on each PAC sold.

The Certec Caisson

  Further information concerning sales or rental may be obtained direct from:

Tel: +33-4-74 70 39 82
Fax: +33-4-74 70 37 66
Any queries relating to physiology should be addressed to:

Professor Jean Paul Richalet, ARPE
Faculte de Medecine

email: [email protected]

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